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About the Artist

By trade, I am an illustrator and graphic designer. In my mind, however, I live the life of a fearless adventurer, a powerful Amazonian woman, and the nerdiest of nerds. My name is Kayla Dunham-Torres, but most people call me K (she/they).

I studied illustration (animated and publication design) and graphic design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, Georgia, a school located a mere 3,000 miles from my hometown of Granite Falls, Washington. While working under renowned creatives such as Mike Wimmer, Casey Nelson, and Mohamed Danawi, I developed a passion for the nitty-gritty style of artwork for which I have become known.

As an artist and designer, I aspire to create works for people, companies, and organizations whose morals align with my beliefs. I wake up every morning excited and proud of what I am doing as a creative being. My art style has been described as punk, urban, and gritty, reflecting my roots, personality, and mission to create a language for the underdogs.

Currently, I am working to grow a start-up marketing firm called Phoenix Creative Solutions. Our mission is to create affordable and all-encompassing marketing packages for small businesses run by POC owners looking to grow.

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